Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions, we've got answers!

Where can I buy a TiVo® media device when it is available in New Zealand?

Just in time for Christmas...from November 2009, the TiVo media device will be available at most Telecom Retail Stores, Leading Edge and Orb stores, by calling 123, and at

Does a TiVo media device owner have to have Telecom Broadband?

To receive the whole service a TiVo owner will need to be a Telecom Broadband customer.

The whole TiVo service combines the award winning digital video recording (DVR) features of the TiVo media device with a broadband content and service offering which includes the ability to download movies and television programs on-demand, and with no impact on your monthly broadband data allowance.

Anyone can purchase a TiVo media device through Telecom, but they will not enjoy the whole TiVo experience such as unmetered content and services (e.g. movies & TV shows) without Telecom broadband.

What if I am not a Telecom customer? What do I get?

A non-Telecom broadband customer can buy a TiVo media device and they can enjoy all features of the TiVo except the broadband content and services.

This basic service includes the 14-day on-screen TV guide (Electronic Programme Guide), the ability to view the Freeview|HD® channels and core DVR features of the TiVo media device.

How do I get TiVo? Can I preregister?

You can pre-register your interest at and you will be kept updated about the product via regular emails.

What do I need to get TiVo?

You need the following:

  1. TV (Standard or high definition)
  2. Broadband connection, preferably with Telecom to get the most from the TiVo service. Ideally with a wireless modem (including your wireless password)
    It is possible to use a standard PC modem with multiple ports, and connect to your TiVo device with an Ethernet cable, however these will need to be in close proximity to each other).
  3. TV antenna connection (rooftop UHF aerial)
  4. You will also need to be in the Freeview|HD® coverage area (to check please click here)

Do I have to have to have an internet connection?

Yes. The TiVo media device receives the on-screen TV guide data and software updates from the internet. This does not consume more than 25-30MB of data a month for people who are not with Telecom. If you are with Telecom this will not count towards your download quota. Without an internet connection the TiVo cannot function properly - we do not advise you purchase a TiVo without a broadband internet connection.

I have the internet – but it's dial-up not broadband – is that okay?

No. you need to convert your internet connection to broadband for use with the TiVo media device.

Will using TiVo impact on my monthly broadband data allowance?

No, if you are a Telecom broadband customer, content downloaded over broadband to your TiVo media device will not count towards your monthly data allowance.

Who owns the TiVo after I purchase it?

You do. The TiVo device is not a subscription service. If you move house – you take it with you. If you wish to sell it to a friend – you can do this once you have paid for it in full.

Does a TiVo media device work with the Freeview Satellite Service?

No, the TiVo media device is a digital terrestrial TV service and does not receive a satellite signal.

I already have pay TV, can I use a TiVo media device on the same TV?

Absolutely. Just connect it to a different input on your TV and use your source button to navigate between your pay TV service and your TiVo media device – just like you would with your DVD player. However, you cannot connect your pay TV service to your TiVo. The TiVo media device works only with Freeview|HD® digital TV channels and other content you wish to view may be downloaded over the internet.

Can I use a TiVo media device from Australia/USA?

No, the TiVo media device has been specifically adapted for the New Zealand market.

By December 2010, all of the current Australian TiVo devices will receive a software update that allows them to work in both countries.

Will I have to do anything special to get HD channels? T/Tel/Int

An HDMI cable (sold separately) and an HD Ready TV is required to enjoy High Definition programs which are available on TV ONE, TV2, and TV3 on Freeview|HD®.

How many programs can I record at the same time?

You can record two programs at the same time while watching a third, previously recorded program. Your TiVo can also take on a fourth task at the same time...downloading a movie or TV program!

Do I need to pay someone to install my TiVo media device? I am not very good at connecting things!

The TiVo media device is designed to be self-installed by the amateur! You should not require a specialist installer to set it up.

The instructions in the box describe how to do it in simple steps:

  1. Connect the aerial
  2. Plug in the wireless adaptor (to your wireless home network) or Ethernet cable (if you are wired)
  3. Connect the TiVo to the TV
  4. Have your network password ready
  5. Power up and let TiVo tell you what to do next on screen

Can I pause live TV?

Yes! Simply hit the pause button and your program will wait patiently while you focus on that phone call or distraction. Then return to your show when you're finished.

I hate buying things that go out of date - especially technology!

The good news is that your TiVo media device is connected to the internet so your broadband service automatically downloads the latest software updates ensuring that your TiVo media device gets all the latest information including new services and content offerings.

I've got kids - can they delete my recordings?

Not if you switch on TiVo KidZone - this is where the kids watch what you want them to and have their own pile of programs waiting for them to enjoy away from your recordings.